How to Make an Iron Mouse Face Reveal

When your friends ask you where you get your cool looks, you can just say ‘I don’t take nightclubs but I have access to an iron’. Try saying that to a club bouncer and watch him laugh. The truth is, most nightclub bouncers aren’t that scary – they just look like they could kill you if you didn’t behave yourself. But with experience, they become real threats. It might be scary to think about going up against a real Iron Man or Spider-Man but imagine being able to show those nagging kids at home who is the boss? The Iron Mouse Face is the ultimate way for anyone who wants to get into the hearts of people by looking like someone who can take on the world – literally. We’ll show you how to make one in no time flat so that when people ask, all you have to do is smile and say ‘eh, I dunno… maybe later?’

What is an Iron Mouse Face?

Basically, it’s the art of making your face look like a scary Iron Man or Spider-Man. They usually have two types of faces; the cephalic (frontal) and the rostral (masculine). A face with a cephalic mask is intimidating, while a rostral mask reveals your true personality. You can try to copy the cephalic masks of both of these super heroes by using hair dryers, iron crests and other scary items. You can also try using a light makeup application (foundation, blush, eyelid primer) and a bright light source such as an exit sign or a flash bulb. The idea is to make the mask as dark as possible without looking like you are wearing blackface. And don’t ever, ever wear a cephalic mask in a public place as it may give the wrong impression.

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