The Carl J Judie Show: Auctice, Just Data, and More

Carl J Judie has been a fixture on the financial media for years now. But as of last week, he was also getting a lot of coverage from a new perspective: as an investor in bitcoin and other digital currency startups. The Carl J. Judie Show is syndicated on more than 200 stations around the world, and it’s no wonder: It’s one of the most popular media shows about investing and trading that you will ever watch. It’s so popular that some of its hosts have become regular guests on other investment shows. So, why hasn’t Carl J made a guest appearance on any of the big (and small) platforms where people are looking to talk about bitcoin and other digital currencies? That is until now.

What is an Investment Cryptocurrency?

As its name suggests, an investment cryptocurrency is a digital asset that’s designed to provide investors with protection against high transaction costs and high risk.

Why Do Cryptocurrencies Matter?

In case you’re not aware, cryptocurrencies make use of blockchain technology, a distributed and distributed ledger technology used to record information such as payments, audit trails, and disputes.

Is the Future of Money Over Trial?

Not necessarily. There is some talk of cryptocurrencies becoming more like stocks and commodities, which means that they can survive periodic market price volatility and provide relatively predictable returns.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Other Digital Currency Technology

This is the most obvious and popular adoption story out of all, based on the fact that more people are now using digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Why Invest in Bitcoin?

As we head into the new year, there are plenty of reasons to invest in Bitcoin, including the fact that it has been on the money market for the past few months, and is lower compared to other investments like the S&P 500.


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