5 Funky and Unique BuzzBgone Reviews You’ll Love

Sometimes you just gotta get the music. You know when you are listening to a new song on your headphones and all of a sudden it’s like, “WOW! This is my tune!” You can almost see the lights going on in people’s heads because, for some reason, no one had heard about this band before. Well, that moment has arrived with The Buzz. They are fast becoming one of our favorite bands right now. Their unique brand of funkadelic electronica is perfect for any mood and they have us at buzz is gone! So without any further ado, here are some of our favorite buzz gone reviews:

First Tracks That got Our BuzzBgone Going: “Rawk” and “Batman”

This is one of the most creative music videos I have ever seen. It is hard to explain, but in my head, I was thinking, “Man, this looks like it could be in a movie!” What a creative and unique way to kick off our BuzzBgone reviews. So, let’s start with the track “Rawk.” I like how throughout the song the beat and the melody change from a strong 808 to a soft and trippy 12-12. The band does an amazing job weaving in and out of the different styles in this song. Another great one is “Batman”. The combination of the fun and light nature of the first two songs, as well as the spooky, dark and wonderful sound of “Batman”, make this a great song to start our buzz-gone reviews off on a spooky, dark and wonderful note.

The Infrasonic of the Buzz

This is one of my favorite tracks off of the Buzz album. It has this really low and soothing feel to it that I just love. Something is calming and soothing about the sound of the bass. We all know that bass is the backbone of any sound mix, but when it is busier than usual, you get this nice and understated effect. The fact that there is an infrasonic sound that is not audible to the human ear is one of the coolest things about this song. The understated bass line and haunting vocals make this a great pick for our BuzzBgone reviews.

Let’s Talk About Every Song on the Bugzz Album!

This is another song that has this really low and soothing sound to it. This is a slow jam and it is perfect for taking a snooze on the couch with a cup of pumpkins and a blanket. The lyrics in this song are actually about falling in love and how that feels. It is a beautiful song and I love how it is the first track on the album and gets us pumped for the rest of the album. Another great thing about this album is that there are 11 tracks on it. I think we get the idea of how much we love this album by the fact that we keep talking about it. So, to sum up our buzz-gone reviews, let’s talk about: the beats, the harmonies, the lyrics, the atmosphere, the video, the title track, the production and the fact that we love the Buzz.

The Final Ranking of All 9 BuzzBgone Reviews

We love this album so much that we ranked it #9 on our buzz went the top list. This is a fantastic album that has it all. Great beats, unique and creative lyrics, and an overall great feel. This is one of those albums that you can listen to on repeat and just be like, “WOW! This is my tune!”

Bonus BuzzBgone Review: 5 Tips for Getting Your Buzz On

If you love the Bugzz as much as we do, you’re going to love these 5 tips that will help you get more out of your BuzzBgone membership: Keep it clean. Clean, organic and uncluttered are always better than cluttered, overblown and overprocessed. Keep it simple. Simple is good. Don’t overthink it. It is okay to have one or two enjoyably bizarre moments in a song but try to keep them to a minimum. Have fun with it. When you are having fun, your energy is higher and you are likely to be more creative and want to share that energy with others. For a lot of people, their 1st favorite song is the last song they will ever hear. To get the most out of your BuzzBgone membership, make sure you choose your 1st favorite song and enjoy it to the fullest! That’s a wrap on our 9 favorite buzz-gone reviews! We hope you have enjoyed them as much as we did writing them. We had a blast doing this and can’t wait for the next buzz gone review!

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