How To Create Limmy Characters With These Five Tips

When you’re creating a character, you might as well give them some personality. Whether you’re playing a lovable sidekick, an obsessed fan, or even your assassin, no question that adding a little more life to your character will make her more likable. Limmy characters are perfect companions for different circumstances and can be developed in any setting. Here are five tips on how to create limmy characters with these five tips:

Create a likable character

Artfully create a likable character, both in the reader’s eyes and in your own. You want to create a character that the reader feels like they can relate to, and not just take an interest in. Have a backstory? Explain how you were created so the reader gets a true feel for your character as well. Why does she do what she does? Where does she get her inspiration? These are questions that any writer needs to ask themselves. Make your character’s past relevant. Yes! Set up how your character ends up in life. Yes! Create a setting that your character lives in. Yes! And most importantly, don’t just leave it up to fate. Create a character that you want to be likable so readers can connect with and relate to, regardless of the setting or what the author’s goal is. Your character will be the bridge between the reader and the author, and you need to make sure that she’s a page-turner and that readers can follow along with her story.

Have a backstory

People will form connections with other people through storytelling, and having a backstory gives your character context and meaning. It gives her a reason to exist, a reason to be, and a reason to be interesting. Have a backstory? asks, “What was your life like?”, or “What is your purpose in the world?” Have a purpose? Well, this is the final piece to the equation. There are many different ways to shape a purpose out of thin air. Have a backstory that gives your character a purpose? That is a must. Create a story. Yes! Tell a story? Yes! Have a purpose? Yes! And most importantly, have a fun story to tell!

Don’t go overboard with the emotion

What is too much emotion? No! The emotions that your character feels for her friends, her family, or her employers will all help build your character’s personality and define her. Avoid going overboard with the emotion. Do you want to keep your emotion realistic? You need to keep your emotion realistic. Do you want to keep your language realistic? You need to keep your language realistic. Do you want to keep your humor realistic? You need to keep your humor realistic.

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