Effects of Consuming Witch Hazel

The mystical Witch Hazel is used as a medicinal plant, especially by the Indians.

Witch hazel acts against external injuries and it can also be used very well on the skin, according to healthpally lab.

The leaves of Witch Hazel are extremely effective so also the bark is full of good ingredients that can support the treatment of skin lesions.

Witch Hazel has not only antiseptic but also Haemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties as it had already been proven in many studies.


The production of Witch Hazel

Hamamelis is full of tannins that make up the effect of witch Hazel.

Here, the name tannin comes from the tannery which means that earlier plants with high tannin content were used for tanning animal hides.

The tannins make the proteins insoluble and durable leather is made from the animal skin. But also alkaloids can be precipitated by the tannins.

Witch Hazel comes in different versions as evident in production Since Witch Hazel water is obtained by distilling, it contains no tannins and consists only of essential oils.

For this reason, although it can help skin injuries, not varicose veins.

Since the production procedures can affect the quality of the extract, you should buy witch hazel from a trusted supplier only.


Effects of Witch Hazel

So far, there are still no side effects when used properly with the right dosage. But if it is overused as we all know, too much of everything may have adverse effects.

When the dosage is too high, your body can react to it negatively; particularly the tannins which may cause indigestion and liver damage.

Also note that witch hazel should not be given to dogs or cats.

How to Buy Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel can be purchased in various dosage forms. First and foremost is the dried leaves of Hamamelis for tea production.

Many ointments and creams are made with Witch Hazel to enrich the cosmetics with the active ingredient in Witch Hazel.

Still, tinctures and Globules are available which can be used even with acute problems.

This is, therefore, that Witch Hazel is approved as a medical agent If it is obtained from the leaves or bark.

Although, it can be non-prescription remedies that are analgesics it can support healing and can be found in pharmacies and drug stores.

Whenever you want to buy the Witch Hazel product, either online or from a medical store, it is important to ensure that the Witch Hazel products are produced from organically grown Witch Hazel and it’ without pesticides or other toxins. You can verify this from the dealer.



Witch Hazel is an excellent remedy that can be used for any minor skin disorder.

It can be helpful not only on acne and pimples but also for eczema and to relieve the symptoms.

Also, it’s a Haemostatic, anti-inflammatory and also tissues compressing and strengthens the vascular walls.

For the final note, Witch Hazel is extremely useful especially in the health industry and should be in every household.

What’s your “take” on this and what have you experienced using Witch Hazel for any purpose? I would like to know.


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