How to Draw A Fancy Letter S Easily

How to Draw A Fancy Letter S. The S is the 19th message of our alphabet, one of the quietest letters when pronounced aloud. It’s also easy and fun to write a letter.

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We see it in many words and names, so learning early is good. You may know everything there is to know about writing, but how about a fancy letter S?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through 6 steps that will make this simple letter even more complicated and imaginative. At the end of the guide, you will see how easy it can be!

We show you how to draw it, go over some ideas on color, and decorate it to make it even more beautiful.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first six steps on how to draw the letter S in a whole new way.

How to Draw A Fancy Letter S

Step 1

In this first step of the tutorial, we will draw a line that already looks like a fancy letter S! Of course, we will add a lot more to the design later.

First, you can start by drawing this line with a pencil to make it. Try to follow the reference image and recreate the curvy, meandering lines.

If you did everything right, repeat it with your favorite drawing tool. It could be a dark pencil, but a ballpoint pen is always good.

It doesn’t have to be the same as the one in our example, and you can customize it however you like! If you follow our design precisely as it is, you will notice some minor details.

For example, the curve at the top of the letter is more comprehensive than at the bottom. This will reach into play afterward when we add the other contours. First, let’s go to step 2 and continue the pattern.

Step 2

Your drawing of the letter S looks pretty fancy, but we’re far from done! We want this letter to have a more robust design and will add more in this step.

We’re keeping it nice and simple for this step by adding some targeted tips at both ends of the letter. First, draw a small curved line at the top of the letter.

Try to line it up as it appears in the reference image, as it will be connected to the rest of the outline later in the guide. Next, we’ll add a similar curved line.

This one is down to the bottom tip of the letter and has a different angle than the first one, as you will see in our example.

Once these two small lines have been added, we can add the rest of the pattern for that letter in step three of our guide.

Step 3

Now, we can add the rest of the outline to your elegant letter S. This might be one of the more complicated steps in this guide, as it requires a steady hand.

For this reason, we recommend taking it slowly. Let’s start at the top of the letter where you left off. From this pointed tip emerges an inwardly curved line.

It then curves again and parallels the line you drew in step one. At the base of the letter, it is bent to the left.

T, hen it will gradually curve inwards until you close the gap to finish the outline. It may not look that complicated, but it can be challenging to make the line smooth!

Once the outline is finished, we can add some exciting details verbatim in the next steps of the guide. Before proceeding, ensure you’re happy with what we’ve got.

You can achieve this by smoothing and refining all lines. You can also obliterate any pencil stripes you employ as a guide.

Step 4

No, the outline is complete, and there are many ways to decorate the inside of the letter. Our sample image shows you just one way you can do this.

We chose to fill the letter with curved and wavy lines. These simple lines make the letter more interesting with all the extra details.

They look great, but other ways exist to decorate this letter S. Another option would be to create a similar pattern with straighter lines.

You can also fill the letter with some small shapes or symbols. Another option is not to add interior details but instead fill the design with solid colors.

These are just suggestions, but you can see how many ways to decorate the letter to your liking.

If you are happy with the look, the next step is for us to add more details to the letter.

Step 5

In this fifth step, you’ll find that we’ve made the letter even fancier with some great details!

We’ve added some simple spiral lines protruding from different letter parts. We’ve kept this number at three, but you can add more.

Next, we added some tiny dots under the base of the letter. Again, you could add many more if you like!

We also drew a series of small circles along the upper left side of the letter. Next, we added some small teardrop shapes to the top right of the letter.

None of these details are particularly complicated, but they all work together to make the letter more complex!

Now, you can decide how to decorate the letter with your ideas and choices. You can also fill the background with some details and additions.

Creating a theme for the image might also be a fun idea. We will go into more detail on this after the last step of the guide.

Step 6

, Now it’s time to close this guide with a final step in which we’ll colorize this design. We chose a light blue color for the letter in our example image.

This is a great choice, and you can quickly reproduce it with whatever painting tools you prefer. Of course, you can use hundreds of other colors if needed.

These can be different shades of blue or completely different colors. You don’t need to restrict yourself to just one color, as there are ways to incorporate multiple colors.

Not only can you play with your color choices, but you can also use other artistic tools, mediums, techniques, and combinations of them.

The background is also open to color experimentation, especially when you’ve added some extra details and elements there.

Now that you have some ideas for adding color, you can have a lot of fun completing the design! But we’re not done yet.

Before we close this guide, let’s go through a few more ideas on how to make this drawing even more special.

Your Fancy Letter S Drawing is Finished!

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