The Ultimate Guide of Making Rigid Boxes for Your Brand

When you think of rigid boxes what comes to your mind? Cardboard boxes, paper boxes or kraft boxes? But have you ever seen such boxes before? These sturdy boxes can do magic for your business. In this ultimate guide you can learn about everything you know about rigid boxes in very simple words.

What Are Rigid Boxes?

Rigid boxes packaging, also known as set-up boxes or gift boxes, used a special kind of packaging. These boxes are not regular cardboard boxes that you can easily get from the market. These boxes are made from sturdy yet high-quality material. They make the product safe from inside out without getting damaged from anywhere and quite durable during the shipments. That’s why businesses prefer to go with these kinds of boxes to grow in their respective fields of business. 

Why Should Your Brand Use Rigid Boxes?

Rigid boxes have several advantages for your business, product and customers: 

  1. Exceptional Durability

When it comes to packing for fragile items or delicate products, rigid boxes should be the go-to option. Regular packaging might not protect it well. However, rigid boxes are best boxes that suit your product that are too sensitive to be packaged in cardboard or in other boxes. They can withstand rough handling and keep your product safe. 

  1. Premium Appearance

Appearance matters a lot. Nowadays, customers are equally looking for rigid box packaging that looks great from inside out. When customers receive your product in a beautiful rigid box, they are more likely to be impressed and remember your brand.

  1. Customization Options

Custom rigid boxes are highly fit for your brand. You can choose different sizes, shapes and designs. Add your brand logo, tagline or to visually communicate with the customers and sell your brand story. It can help your brand stand out among the competitors.

  1. Versatility

Rigid boxes are not only used for gift packaging. Custom boxes can be used for cosmetic products, electronics, clothing or accessories, no matter what you sell, you can find rigid boxes that suit your needs. It has the ability to withstand rough handling while giving your product equal safety to make the customer unboxing experience expectational. 

Types of Rigid Boxes 

There are several types of rigid boxes you can choose according to your product or brand requirement: 

  1. Lift-Off Lid Boxes

These boxes are made of two parts, a bottom and a lid that can be lifted off. These luxury rigid boxes are usually for such item that add touch of elegance, like expensive jewelry or high-end chocolates

  1. Hinged Lid Boxes

Hinged lid boxes have a lid that is attracted to the base with hinge and are practical and look elegant. It makes the box ideal and highly suitable for items like watches and perfumes

  1. Slide Drawer Boxes

Slide drawer has a drawer that slides out from the base. They are perfect for item like mobile phone accessories and small gadgets

  1. Two-Piece Boxes

These types of boxes have two separate parts, like a base and a lid. They are best for a wide range of products from apparel to gourmet foods.


How to Choose the Right Rigid Box:

Selecting perfect right boxes need few considerations: 

  1. Product Size

Make sure that the box is a perfect fit for your product. It should fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose.

  1. Box Style

Consider the type of box that complements your product and brand image. For instance, if you’re selling delicate jewelry, a lift-off lid box might be a great choice.

  1. Budget


Rigid boxes vary in cost, so it’s essential to align choice with your budget. Remember, that are best investment for your product and can uplift your brand image and product protection. 

Where Can You Get Rigid Boxes?

Now you are thinking how you can get these Rigid box packaging and wonder where to find them: here are few options:

  1. Packaging Manufacturers

Many companies specialise in creating custom packaging including custom boxes UK. They can help you design and produce the perfect boxes for your products.

  1. Online Suppliers

You can also find rigid boxes from online suppliers. Be sure to check their reviews and product samples to ensure quality.


Rigid boxes are fantastic choices for your brand and can protect your product easily. They offer durability, elegance and uplift your brand image, all crucial elements help for your  brand success. So, if you want to take your Custom Rigid Box to the next level and create lasting impressions on customers, consider using rigid boxes for your brand. They might just be the secret ingredient to your brand’s success.

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