Be Modern: Motorizing your Curtains with Country Blinds

The home automation landscape is evolving rapidly and making everyday tasks comfortable and luxurious. A lot of us have taken on voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, but did you know that your curtains and blinds could also be part of the digital revolution?

The Rising Trend of Motorised Blinds and Curtains

Motorised blinds and curtains are the seamless blend of design, comfort and utility. This is why a lot of homeowners are opting to switch to motorised blinds:

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“Convenience On Demand: Do you remember the last time you had to bend or use a tiptoe to reach the annoying blind or curtain? With the click of a remote or a voice command, you can adjust your curtains without difficulty. It’s especially helpful for senior citizens, windows with high apex, or those who have mobility problems.

Safety first: For homes with young children cords and chains can pose real safety hazards. Motorisation eradicates these concerns, ensuring your little ones remain secure. Also, you can say goodbye to messy, ugly chains and cords, which take away from the elegance of your space.

Modern Living: in an age marked by digital technology and smart homes, motorized blinds aren’t just an occasional fashion but are now an integral part of. Imagine setting your blinds in advance to adjust for the time of sunset and sunrise, giving more privacy and security.

Stability and durability Continuous manual adjustments will wear out your window blinds as time passes. However, motorisation ensures smooth and consistent movement, extending the life of your curtains and blinds.

But, How Does It All Work?

The secret ingredient is an efficient motor, which can be adjusted to various curtains and blinds, depending on their weight and style.

Your Motorisation Hub at Country Blinds

At Country Blinds We’re delighted to unveil our cutting-edge automation technology The Pulse hub that can automate curtains with a length of up to 11m and even wrap around corners effortlessly.

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Experience the highest level of customization with Automate Pulse 2, boasting features such as setting up scenes, timers, as well as leveraging sunset and sunrise technology. No matter if you’re an Alexa, Siri, or Google enthusiast, voice-control your window adornments via any device that supports smart phones, be it your smartwatch, phone, or speaker.

Doesn’t it seem like your home was more sophisticated? Join the wave of modern homeowners who appreciate the elegance and convenience of motorised curtains as well as blinds. Come to our showroom to see the new window treatments of the future and let us lead you to a world where luxury meets practicality.

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